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At least not without supervision of someone who knows what he is doing. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Then for the R 2W I used 2 1Kohm 1 watt resistors in parallel. November 25, at Hey ntoskrnl This circuit is only meant for low power continues run, as you have experienced, taking this up in power will also dissipate a lot of power in switching losses due to the very inefficient self-resonant driving of the MOSFET. Do you want to make this for a particular application or do you just want to make a high voltage? Although the low current makes it small and therefore not too destructive, it will easily set on fire any flammable materials.

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I noticed that tranxistor my flyback, when running extremely high output voltages in the order of 45kV corona was forming around the feedback wire. The transistor, however, will get hot if you push it If you don’t have an old flyback and your windings are 2n30555 inside the flyback don’t worry, cause that’s where you want them too.

A thousand volts or so is all you’ll get out of a new flyback with a 2N What you can do is provide some isolation between the pins with pieces of plastic and super glue.

When you operate a flyback, the tgansistor in collector voltage is determined by the energy stored in the primary inductance, and the capacitive load connected to it.

So, I guess I’m good to go with the transistor. Hold it in place with a drop or two of glue, and than wrap a few turns of insulation tape over it to transistro any mishaps such as the secondary HV wire getting to close to it and injecting thousands of volts into the transistor or the power supply.

Check if it is drawing current. I’ve heard that multipliers can be found in some televisions but I’ve never ever found one: Most of the ones you will find today will have a rectified output DC and the primary windings will not be removable as they are potted in with some kind of polymer.


Sep 17, 8, 2, You flyback transformer is properly fine, arcing between the bottom pins is normal as we tend to fljback drive these small transformers by a lot.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

November 17, at Anything large and reasonably conductive will behave as a ground to 2n355 system The globe consists of a 25 Watt clear light bulb and lamp I bought at Goodwill for like two 2 bucks. The transistor gets a little warm, but not too hot to touch.

The single transistor circuit a good candidate but there is no obvious way to limit the collector voltage. If nothing now, reverse the polarity of the other coil. The CRT on TVs and monitors is also a high voltage capacitor, and you could use it as such in an experimental HV DC power supply covering the glass with aluminium foil greatly increases the capacitancebut a flat plate plastic cap is much smaller, lighter, and it won’t implode if you drop it September 22, at For example, if you have an old flyback without rectified output or have removed the rectifier in a new flyback, the high voltage output will be radio frequency AC and will work for a f,yback globe whereas a rectified output flyback will not.

However, if it was free-standing, over 30kV may be obtainable with higher input voltages. Do you already have an account? This is a low current high voltage power supply, what kind of lamp do you want to supply from such a high voltage?

The peak power remains the same, and flybakc a filter capacitor can correct that problem, but it also requires a resistor to limit the current drawn from the cap during arcing, and it is a pure DC supply, useless for plasma globes and other experiments requiring AC.


Can a 13007 NPN transistor be used as a substitute for a 2n3055 in a flyback driver circuit?

Two would make an excellent high power supply for a higher powered version of tranaistor circuit, and should run for nearly one hour non stop. The primary coil is wound on a plastic form that sits opposite to the secondary.

Unfortunately, a flyback requires ratings for a transistor waaaaay above what lfyback would niavely expect. So, overall, flybacks with built in rectifiers are still usable, but you should look for one that has either a removable rectifier sometimes the rectifier is inside a tube that sticks out from the flyback, other times it is encapsulated in epoxy next to it.

It requires very little previous experience and skills with soldering and identifying components, and there are virtually no adjustments to be made. Even small capacitors are capable of discharging tens or hundreds of amperes, and will easily cause heart fibrillation, specially in people with previous reported or not heart conditions. This seems all nice and good, but it doesn’t explain why some transistors work well and some don’t.

2n flyback driver | Simple 2n transistor based flyba… | Flickr

Black 2n30555 white TV flybacks tend to have a higher internal capacitance and higher step-up ratio, whilst monitor flybacks are pretty much useless, as far as the modern ones are concerned.

In my experience, the output voltage is strictly dependent on the individual transistor, not even the specifications for the transistor.

If it all works out, you should see a thin purple arc between the two terminals on the spark gap.