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Le point d’exclamation au sein d’un triangle equilateral a pour objet de tirer I’attention de I’utilisateur sur le fait qu’ il y a des instructions de mise en service et d’entretien de reparation dans les fiches descriptives de I’appareil qui doivent obligatoirement etre respectees. O This function may cause problems during recording and playback. When the pre-alarm recording time is set to other than 0 second, picture and audio of up to 32 MB are not recorded. I thought that might do it, but no. Specifies frame or field, recording rate, and picture grade of normal recording to the same settings for all the camera numbers.

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Under this condition, the unit gives priority to Line 2 for the duration of the overlapping period, from Specifies only the end point of copy. Such software programs ast excluded from Licensed Software and not covered by the following Software License Agreement. By adjusting the recording speed and picture quality, it is possible to use HDD storage space efficiently.

Be careful, do not use the commercial lens cleaning disc, they may damage the lens. Transmits signal when the unit is rebooted. Displays a warning of low LPA area capacity. The selectable screen types are shown in the table on page When the display mode of the camera informa- tion is set to “Title,” the title, showing the location of the cam- era, appears on the screen for an easy-to-understand moni- toring system.


Contact Us – Tapeheads. The available setting items are “Copy 1” and “Copy 2. Transmits signal when the signal is input to the terminal on the rear panel. Click “Setting” to display the screen to set the display position of the camera in each screen.

Usbb-308mv using this Product, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of the following Software License Agreement. Set the start and end points of the data to be locked.

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This setting is available only when the copy destination is HDD. Be careful when searching for the desired picture. Operations 65 System continued Setup Menu t Alarm Display Setting This item is used to switch the display to the picture usb-308,v with alarm signal in the single screen display or split screen display which has been pre-set.

Long pre-alarm recording is performed ush-308mv the pic- ture grade of “LKB” regardless of the setting and at the recording rate set for normal recording. O The settings cannot be changed during normal recording and alarm recording. It is recommended to make copy of the important data to the other medium using the function such as copy 2.

To copy the settings for recording, display the desired setting in “Same as Recording Setting” and then select “same. Disassembly, repair, or alteration of this unit by user or installer. If you can’t see up close, look into this new invention Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces may cause the appliance and cart combination to overturn. Are you recording on good tape?


Please ensure that the ventilation fan located zsy the unit’s back panel is not blocked. In this case, display the magnified screen by turning the JOG dial to advance the picture frame by frame. The meanings are as follows. This function is useful for making backup of the recording data.


O When loading the media with a lot of picture data copied, playback software may take time to be started up. Do not set all the internal HDDs to copy 2 device. Naphtha works great on this. Does not control this unit via a PC.

Follow the steps 1 and 2 on “Registering a bookmark” above. Audio, if recorded, is played back after the stop when the audio command has been enabled. Set the alarm mode.