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No there are none ATM.. Make sure that you can use the internet browser on the BlackBerry itself. DiGi tethering limit is kbps Card PM. Sigh spoiled my mood with the error: I paired my blackberry curve with my pc, but when I want to connect I get the following message:

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You are having the latest OS and desktop with you. Try first, I cant explained much as I dont have apple device to test Aug 4 I’m using a macbook pro with the OS Feb 15 Notify me of new posts via email.

How to connect a computer to the internet using a Blackberry phone as a modem | Mafaba

I paired my blackberry curve with my pc, but when I want to connect I get the following message: Jul 20 Then pair up your Blackberry with your laptop. Aww thats very little. You will get to the “Help Me! No offense, but are morem sure that you are doing it correctly? Notify me of new comments via email. This post has been edited by g3m: You better call blacckberry Telco cancelled it and active BIS for you.


The other day got a forumer ask about Mac tethering, i think I already answer in that topic, need to search for it again. I have followed step-by-step instruction on BB Bold setup as modem shown in the spoiler below and copied the BB Bold modem script, everything working fine and configure except the APN setting.

May beauty be everywhere around me Group: HookJun 30, Just wonder why some Torch user sadi they can’t tether via Desktop Manager v6??? In Preferences, select your phone in the list, and then click “Configure this device”.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 support.

Just configure your BB accordingly to Maxis setting Blackbetry i insert modem in to 980 connect to internet. Meaning if do not have the BB logo beside the 3G signal is still under the unlimited plan? Only fill in a User name and a Password if required by the by the network provider.

Sep 21 Looking for BB torch now: This post has been edited by dicksonbell: You are setting up your modem?


Please verify your settings and try again. Mar 11 There was a hardware failure in the modem or other connecting device.

Jul 22 And also can’t find Create a new connection using the New Connection Wizard. This post has been edited by Astronaut: Oct 30