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A brief background characterizes artistic gymnastics as a mechanical loading model and outlines densitometric techniques, skeletal outcomes and challenges in assessment of skeletal adaptation. To this end, volumetric AMFs were computed locally for each voxel of volumes of interest VOI extracted from the femoral head of specimens. Bone architecture and strength in the growing skeleton: In conclusion, the decrease in failure load in the low calcium group can be explained by the change in bone geometry and bone mass parameters. Cortical porosity correlated positively with “Kidney Disease:

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Therapies to prevent bone loss exist, but there are few that stimulate bone formation and restore bone mass. Based on the test data, a method is proposed to predict the residual shear strength of corroded reinforced concrete beams in which residual shear strength is calculated first by using corrosion-reduced steel area alone, and then it is reduced by a proposed reduction factor, which collectively represents all other applicable corrosion damage factors.

In the present study, a high strength MC artificial bone material was cosco by using collagen as the template for the biomimetic mineralization of the calcium phosphate, and then followed by a cold compression molding process with a certain pressure. On day 14, a significant reduction in body mass was observed as a result of burn, disuse and a combination of both.

Objectives Bisphosphonates BP are the first-line treatment for preventing fragility fractures.

This finding agreed with previous clinical studies. Effect of insertion torque on bone screw pullout strength.

Increasing the TSF, a result of decreasing thread pitch or increasing thread depth, increases screw purchase strength in porous materials. Two calculated outputs for each sample were Young’s modulus of elasticity and fracture stress.

However, the lower strength was appropriate for the smaller muscle size, suggesting that interventions to reduce stress fracture risk might be aimed at improving muscle size and strength. The torque measured during screw insertion was found to be directly related to bone density and can be used, on its own, as a good predictor vid ultimate failure torque of cic bone.


Unloading causes a lack of a mechanical stimulus that triggers bone cellular units to remove mass from the skeleton. Thus, knowledge of its mechanical properties is of high scientific and clinical interests. The cisck to easily measure or closely regulate applied strain in humans is identified, limiting the translation of animal studies to human populations, and our exploration of how components of mechanical loading regimes influence mechanoadaptation.

The method seems to yield results that are in reasonable agreement with the available cissco data. Referring to the literature formulae, this study aims to evaluate the differences in the calculated pullout strengths. There were no differences between groups for DXA measures. Although transient, the bone formation response persists longer in cortical than trabecular bone.

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Using a critical CTOA value of 5. Only thread diameter, pitch, and depth are considered in the investigated formulae. CKD leads to mineral and bone complications starting early in the course of renal failure. However, the experimental and numerical results are highly correlated for the cylindrical screws.

predicted bone strength: Topics by

Thirty male Sprague-Dawley rats 12 wk old were randomized by the stratified weight method into the following three groups of 10 animals each: Although the relative performance of QCT-based structural measures is well established for uniform compression, the ability of these techniques to predict vertebral strength under nonuniform loading conditions has not yet been established. Doxycycline labeling and woven bone patterns on contralateral femora matched well and encompassed an almost identical cross-sectional area.

Observed and predicted results both indicate that the occurrence of small MSD cracks substantially reduces the residual strength. The last method can be considered a direct measure of the functional capacity of paxcoe long bone since it quantifies the mechanical response to a stimulus delivered directly to the bone.


In contrast, novel, surprising results were observed in that higher than adequate Hbs intake resulted in improved peak bone strength vs. The purpose of this work was to analyze the relationship between intensity and duration of physical activity and composite indices of femoral neck strength and bone -mineral content of the femoral neck, lumbar spine, and total body.

This can let us know which distribution is more up to date, or if a feature has been introduced into one distribution but not the other. It is possible using micro-CT data to perform morphometric analysis on individual rod and plate bone trabeculae using a volumetric spatial decomposition algorithm and hence determine their contribution to bone strength.

The presented bone drilling force model can be used for haptic rendering in surgical simulators.

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Trabecular cores hbx synchrotron scanned and micro-CT scanned for microstructural analysis, cisoc quantification of bone volume fraction, microarchitecture and microcracks. Strength of the nBG composites as well as HA is in the range of cortical and cancellous bonethus proving significant for bone tissue regeneration substitutes. Measurement of bone -mineral content, femoral neck bone -mineral density, femoral neck width, hip axis length, and total body fat-free mass was performed with dual-energy radiograph absorptiometry.