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So far there are a few who have tested my methods and it does works fine for them, so i doubt its my ways that is giving problems if you followed them correctly. Added on April 29, , This model has lots of problem. Look at the back of your laptop and check what the sticker that states your model. Nov 13 , Oct 28 , Although I doesn’t need it at the moment since I decided not to go for AHCI mode already, it’s still something great to learn ;.

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Feb presari You could however try to look around the internet and see if nLite could do you any good. Feb 19 The only thing that would work on that hardware would be the original XP without service pack: Yes, i did mentioned that in the first zata.

But changed to XP Professional Maybe technician change for him, i dunno about it. And, this laptop got everything. Nov 6 Jan 22 You would need to move your data elsewhere and give it a try.


In summary, NCQ would only benefits and gain performance in server where more than hundreds access at one time. Show posts by this member only Post 2.

Every computer have different sets of hardware combinations. Check the specification below.

Compaq Presario CQTU Window 7 Driver | software applications

Dec 15 This is seriously out of comapq already So there are many versions of CD in stores out there where the original owner of the CD did his own slipstream to the CD. Its either that or i don’t understand what you’re talking about again: Thank you very much for the guide.

pressario If you can complete the whole setup in virtualization then the CD should be ok. Nov 22 Thus, this is why they call it SP3 because the actual SP3 would be all the updates from after SP2 up to the latest one plus a few other enchancement.

A very useful thread. A notice to those who have not been reading before posting a reply or sending me PMs Small note 01st July 09!!


Download Software- Multimedia 1. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

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So can you like tell me what CPU and graphics that you are using on your laptop? Which guide you’re following?

This post has been edited by junster: Jan 27 Download the Intel Mass Storage and extract and copy it into your USB drive and follow the instruction as mentioned above. Download HP Connection Manager 3. Nov 28 Dec 25 The only small problem with this laptop is it doens’t come with any window, but you can ask the shop install free for you, or send it to me. This post has been edited by MX