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Hi, Are you still selling this? This modification voids your warranty of the receiver. Carefully put the lid back on the box and make sure nothing obstructs the fan. Excellent piece of hardware. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Do you mean attaching a 5V power supply to the board instead of taking internal power? After you have ensured the board is aligned correctly so the connectors mate each other perfectly you just push the USB board down.

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It is important to turn it the correct way, as shown in the photo and indicated by the colour references on the board.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized. January 2, at I will try this usbbecause the update via browser doesn’t work in my dreambox hd. Not able to get windows to recognize the dmhd. You just order it online at http: And windows only reconise.

Do you send it to Portugal? Hi, Are you still selling this? Leave this field empty. The browser cannot access the dreambox. Windows doesn’t find a driver when Dm500hv try to connect by usb. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Usually, only one resistor is fitted.

DM HD Flashing with DreamUp |

Proudly powered by WordPress. Nothing more is happening, and yes I have tryid using the webinterface, but there is no big greens screen on the tv. I tried to connect to it again but sub box doesn’t get an ip. You can get one external and one internal USB port. Excellent piece of hardware.

DM500 HD information

When I normal power on my dreambox I see only start page of new image and device doesn’t boot at all. Remove the resistors marked with red to the right. So I tried via usb-cable and Windows 7 doesn’t recognize the box. Note that you still need to modify your DMHD according to the above dm500h to remove the resistors on the main board to enable USB.

DM HD information |

I am using OE 2. I try to connect it to my pc and flash the image again but I need the drivers to connect it because the dmm500hd doesn’t recognize it.

In the following example, is recognized as the cable into the port COM4. Yes, it is still available usbb shipping to Portugal is no problem. I am completely new to dreambox I have a hd still in the box can someone point me in deprecation of a newbie setup? However, you should be very careful to align the USB board correctly so all the the pins go into the dm500he on the USB board correctly, as it is possible to misalign the USB board so only some of the pins are connected.


How I can reflash it? A proof how small things can be great. I need some help with my dm HD too, it made an update and now it won’t start.

Do you mean attaching a 5V power supply to the board instead of taking internal power? I can’t connect to it by network because it doesn’t have any ip addres without booting.

Regards Appen well dm500bd the same problem here, upload complet, waiting for acknowledge