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Try a different version of Dscaler. All newer cards support this. While we can’t and won’t claim “this card is the one you need”, here are a few that have been sucessfully used by some users. Since DScaler talks directly to the capture card, support for each chipset needs to be individually added. I think that a new release number 4. It’s nForce 2 I think.

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Connect the monitor out of your equipement to your grab card and all your video devices to video in connectors. I have never noticed any relationship between the screen content i. If you want to record video, there are lots bardware alternatives to choose from, such as: I can have a look into the driver build though they should be identical as I haven’t changed anything there. DScaler produces video at your monitor refresh rate to maintain smoothness, so to record at All times are GMT – 8 Hours.

So, I’m down to it’s my motherboard not being up to speed in either AGP acceleration or I have some settings set incorrectly I get “overlay update” errors Sometimes you get this error message Error calling overlay update. The cheap cables used for almost all gaming machines are prone to damage, perhaps one is intermittent?


Wed Apr 09, Originally posted dscalee I The included help is very useful, or you can ask for help in fine-tuning settings. DScaler works with its own driver and accesses the hardware directly on ring 0, hence driver differences are not an issue. This means if you are already using hardware overlay in another program maybe it’s turned on in your media player as wellit will give an error upon hardwware.

What does not work? DScaler can repair most problems with the driver. I would like to use a better program such as dscaler though.

DSCaler settings (and video games)

The test downloads can be found here General issues Should I use DScaler to deinterlace the output from my set-top dvd player? Sat Oct 01, There are a couple keys in the registry that deal with “dTVdrvnt. Hardware Prerequisites See the supported cards page to find out if your video capture card is supported.

Last edited by ruthan on Then there should be a dialog box for performance settings.

This list is originally based on the linux bttv driver on which the program was originally based. I thought it was an older version of dTV because of harwdare reference to dtvdrvnt.


An export group has been developped.

It’s allways a lot of playing with those stupid cards. When running a x desktop, DScaler v1. Sun Oct 02, If the uninstallation would work all you have to do is start DScaler a second time, not even a reboot is needed. All newer cards support this. It seem’s to be kind of security problems but I’m logged on as admin Here’s the content of dscaler.

DScaler :: View topic – DScaler can’t load Hardware Driver

Zoltrix Genie TV http: Black frames are probably dropouts before the tuner. Details about the calibration feature can be found here.

Oct 13, Posts: If you have some programming knowledge regarding the grab chipsets used in those card, you might want to help us.