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Bearing in mind the base of the user friendliness and considering the advanced photographer Kodak meets the desires of this consumer. The LCD menu system is short and simple to navigate, and follows the same format as the rest of the EasyShare line. Each full EV unit of adjustment represents a factor of two increase or decrease in the exposure. The camera also comes with a video cable for viewing images on a television set, and a USB cable for high-speed connection to a computer without the camera dock. Taking up the right side of the rear panel, this lighted dial accesses the following camera modes: While the only focused with average speed in my tests under normal room illumination, the dual-mode AF system again seemed to produce real benefits under low-light conditions. Program mode keeps the camera in charge of both aperture and shutter speed, while Aperture and Shutter Priority modes let you control one exposure variable while the camera selects the other.

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Camerz with advanced features such as a professional level lens, this can be an excellent and accessible camera that yields excellent results with great built in accessories.

Selects between the internal memory or the SD card for image storage. Best cameras and lenses Maximum movie lengths depend on the amount of memory xigital available, as recording is limited only by available memory space. Help us to offer our readers a second opinion: Note though, that the zoom can only be adjusted in movie mode when you’re not actually recording a movie.

Digital Cameras – Kodak EasyShare DX Digital Camera Data Sheet, Specifications and Information

Additional features include joystick and jog-dial controls for rapid control zoo, easy-to-read menu options and the ability to record and play back continuous zoom video with audio. Controls the camera’s orientation sensor, which detects when the camera is held vertically. Though I think camera is a bit over priced for what you actually are getting, it does as it promises overall. Although readers should note that I only found good low-light focusing performance on my evaluation unit of the when the camera’s flash was popped up.


You can choose from a selection of date formats as well.

But when I put the sd card in the computer I can only hear the recording and not the Vidio. Enables a sub-menu of file sharing options for use with the EasyShare dock: For power, the DX uses a single lithium-ion battery pack, which comes with the camera, providing plenty of capacity for longer excursions.

As promised, Sony has delivered an incremental firmware upgrade for its a7 III and a7R III mirrorless cameras that fixes issues found in firmware version 2. It confirms menu selections when it’s pressed straight in. This is to prevent the noise of the zoom motor from intruding on your movie’s sound track. Kodak EasyShare DX 4. The battery compartment features a camea, hinged door, which slides forward to open.

See all 15 pre-owned xx6490. Pop-up Flash Release Switch: Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. In addition to the handgrip covered with a soft, dx6940 coating to provide a more comfortable and secure gripthe front panel also holds a tiny microphone, dibital Command dial used for exposure adjustment, and a window above the lens that shields the light and autofocus sensors, self-timer lamp, and video recording indicator.


Kodak DX6490

A heart icon appears on “favorite” images. Copies files from the internal memory to the SD card, or the reverse. Wacom’s latest pro tablet can help take your editing workflow — and most importantly, the final image results — to the next level. You can cancel the flash in Night mode too, for those times when you want to digittal with just the available light. Formats the SD memory card or internal digitao.

With the four-megapixel, 10x-zoom EasyShare DX though, Kodak takes a large step toward bringing their excellent color technology to the “enthusiast” market, while still retaining the ease of use the EasyShare line has become diital for. Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. Auto mode varies the ISO between 80 andas light levels dictate. A similar camera without the KODAK name is a great deal less expensive but, it does not carry the prestige as a “name brand” does in today’s w orld.

Kodak DX – 10x zoom. Eastman Kodak’s “EasyShare” line of digital cameras have consistently impressed me as living up to their name, being one of the most unfailingly easy to use line of digicams out there. Also available are Center-Weighted and Center-Spot modes. Situated on the famera of the hand grip so it’s easily accessible for your right index finger, this dial adjusts a variety of exposure settings.

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