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Medic may not help Quote: Find all posts by rymercho. The dongle is attached to the onboard LPT1 port. The RIP software is the only non-pre-loaded program installed onto the computer, which meets or beats all recommended specs outlined in the manual. Find all posts by Derek Pool. I thought somebody else had the same issues as me, it was like looking in a mirror!? SCSI recorders require special configurations.

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The dongle is attached to the onboard LPT1 port. Also, a little progress box appears, saying Efrm Screening: It requires sufficient disk drive space, USB 2. The error that constantly pops up is something to the effect of “Error when printing to ECRM, do you want to retry?

RIPMate Plus

It gives me the option to look ecr, the License Manager, doing so shows me that there are no licenses running, and that it doesn’t see the dongle attached to the LPT port. I have an old work colleague who used to install HQ rips so now I have checked all I can I’ll probably have ecrn hand it over to him to get a new dongle issued!

Later releases do not support the Mac platform.

This went smoothly and drivers installed OK, I inserted the dongle and launched the app but still received the same Fatal Error. RIPMate Plus can be an invaluable enhancement to the workflow and quality assurance process of any print operation, at a very attractive price point. I recall there were some problems with some of the 7.


When the “Setup Type” screen appears, choose “Custom” and then on the “Custom Setup” screen ensure that everything except “Sentinel System Drivers” is scsii with a red ‘X’ – if necessary, click on the small downward-facing triangle alongside the other features and choose “This feature will not be available” You might want to uninstall all Sentinel products before doing the above.

I have a PC here as a testing platform that has evrm installed on it, so I decided to try a fresh install of the torrent rip. Find all posts by rymercho. Guides, Data sheets, Videos and more It is our recommendation that this platform be used. I am, however able to output films anyway User Name Remember Me?

The productivity enhancement that liberates RIP users. Remote Desktop at all? Use AC and AC Find all posts by TSimenc.

The time now is Any network workstation can now be used to view, roam and zoom in or out on any part of the rasterized image for soft proofing, as well as hold, release or re-direct a job without going to the physical RIP station. It wouldn’t surprise me if it cerm the dongle Medic may not help. Not using remote desktop at all.


ECRM RIP dongle and SCSI card – McTrade – Graphic Machinery

Find all posts by Derek Pool. Originally Posted edrm rymercho What is the procedure to have a new dongle shipped, is there any other test I can do to check if it is faulty? The problem is intermittent but more often than not it doesn’t work.

Factory preloading of all necessary software including the OS with all current Microsoft patches and the RIP software permits an “out-of-the-box” installation eliminating or reducing on-site technical expertise. RIPMate Plus is also available as a “software only” package.

Xitron Support

I currently have the Torrent Rip working but if I restart I get ‘fatal security device failure’, even though the dongle is visible in the license manager. SCSI recorders require special configurations.

Any help would be appreciated. I thought this may eliminate the possibility of there being a problem with the machine the rip is installed on. While the license error is my main concern, any and all help would be greatly appreciated.