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Giving me four inputs from the mixer if needed. That is great that you can use it on almost all system set ups old or new and it will still work great. Well, that does the same job for much cheaper! Rockstable drivers, and clean signal with my mics. I also own a Mackie Onyx with Firewire.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. No driver to install, that’s a good point.

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There are also 6 independent individual outputs on the backside, perfect for multi-channel playback applications like to provide individual outputs for software synthesizers, to provide independent playback channels for DJ software or to provide surround playback capability via a 5.

Aggregate Device in there’s almost no lag on my old mac. That feature i46 just a extra cool thing and its nothing that would ever be a deal breaker with me purchasing a interface system. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

I love its versatility, apart from the instalation I haven nothing has criticized this map it is around euros c is more than a good deal, so I do it again this choice without hesitation.


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I use mainly the line inputs though. I am also the owner of a Mackie Onyx FW. Well if they are both miced vocals you are going to need another interface in order to have more than one microphone preamp.

It’s good value for money and I recommend it to anybody using mixing software like Mixvibes, Deckadance, etc. I need interface to record piano, keybord line recordingviolin, acoustic guitar by condenser mic and other mics. A separate mix output with professional TRS outputs could be eei to connect U46 XL to professional stereo studio monitors. The unit also features an instrument input Hi-Ztypically to connect a guitar directly to it.

It’s compact and light, it has a metal housing and the external PSU is something worth mentioning It has anti-slip knobs and they don’t eso out too much from the panel.

Then you should be fine, You may just need cord adapters. Sort by most recent most useful.

No latency during wild scratch sessions. I have it chosen for its versatility, its price, the I used to djing but I m’m already used to recorded voice with a ATmake mixes and arrangements in a home studio and the result was surprising.


No latency and the same sessions of scratch or even edgy in Pass-Pass. Or just check back to this thread every so often other people will chime in with what they have had good luck with. The included USB cable is sturdy and long enough.

And maybe some other interfaces in similar price. I tested the rane Scratch Live before sl 2. I have not opened the manual, useless Svetogorska 9 Beograd, Srbija.

Giving me four inputs from the mixer if needed. All of those sources recorded at the same time or separately?

Well, that does the same job for much cheaper! Prikazana cena je za komad. U46 XL is a powerful multi-purpose 4-in 6-out multi-channel audio interface designed for various recording applications at home or on the road.

Our members also liked: Just want to say that I run the same interface as OP. For the price you will get a very good sound.