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All times are GMT Now open the mixer if it isn’t already open. Whether or not you need it depends a bit on your audio hardware – FL requires an ASIO-compatible soundcard if and when you want to actually record audio; if not, then the regular DirectSound drivers should work as well but you won’t be able to record external sources. That is the only option I have, that and none but I still don’t hear anything. Check and see if that’s what you’re listening too.

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In FLStudio open a suitable track from “cool stuff” and set it playing. If not let me know I can give better details. Yes, my password is: But anyways go to the second one. After go to the Output dropdown that is located on the bottom right of the mixer.

BigKSep 3, These are usually written specifically for certain devices to ensure as tightly integrated system as possible. Any info would help. F,Sep 4, Then I think I went to my controll panel to make sure that the driver was active.

ASIO4ALL – Descargar

All times are GMT Then make sure you are on the master track. If I choose in the audio options the directsound properties I can ear the result in my headphones, but the latency is too high around 47ms Now If I choose audio 8 dj ASIO driver, the latency is decreased, but I cannot anymore ear the result in my headphones.


What does it do that you cant just use your computers sound drive instead. The ASIO driver disconnects other sound or something like that. I’m having a very similar issue also, my output is set on SpdifOut 1 – SpdifOut 2. Normally, a computer’s sound system works in a way that when the computer requests some kind of sound-related thing for the soundcard to put out, the command goes through all kinds of layers in the operating system to ensure there are no conflicts with whatever other programs may be wanting to do at the same time like playing music from a music player and watching a Youtube video at the same time.

The time now is Do you have any solution?

Happy Holidays!

Open your mixer in Fruity Loops. You can find this year’s holiday gift right here. That should fix it.

Your name or email address: No, create an account now. It seemed like everytime I opened my web browser and tried to listen to music it would shut off.


It’s mainly used when you don’t have a proper audio interface or for some reason the audio interface’s own drivers aren’t performing as they should be. F9 You should see all the pretty channel activity.

I’ve a problem configuring fruity loops with Audio 8 DJ. That is the only option I have, that and none but I still don’t hear anything.

FL Studio Asio Drivers WiN X86 X64 | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum

This is fine for regular computer usage, but going through all those layers takes time, so it’s not ideal for music production tasks where you’ll want to asio4alk low latency and a no-compromise sound. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

KevonK, Try the following see if it points you in the right direction. OK we’ll assume it’s playing but you can’t hear anything. This seemed to fix it: Also, when i use it the volume from FL becomes insanely loud.