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Now, one could argue that my in-person fittings should probably trump anything based just on my wrist-to-floor numbers, but in hindsight I can remember the various pros kind of hustling through my fitting process and breezily declaring that I am standard. Additionally, the soles of the irons possess a little more width and bounce compared to others within this class of iron, but is a typical PING trait based on their belief of what works the best for golfers in a large variety of skill levels. The predecessor, the i20 iron, was a successful product for Ping and the i25 is an evolution of the same bloodline. If you go with their CFS shaft build, take note of the D0 swing weight for the majority of the set. I was impressed with how easy to hit it was, as is the I20 and first impressions were positive.

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It is still for better players, but maybe a few more in the handicap range who aspire to be lower could consider these irons. Even with the increased launch and various tech tweaks within the irons, one thing that stayed the same in a good way is the overall forgiveness.

You seem to need the treatment it’s an illness! I was attacking greens with 4-irons and 5-irons with confidence, not just hoping to hit them.

The i25 PW seems better too more like part of my dedicated wedge set than the rest of the i25s. Would highly recommend it to any one who plays the game. Loren May 20, at 3: I can’t say if you need to upgrade if you have the i20 irons, but I do know that i2 you are playing an older model these will feel better and offer more forgiveness.


Ping i25 Irons Review

The custom tuning port sits lower in the head, optimizing feel and trajectory control. The Ping i25 irons can be ordered 3-iron-LW.

And he’d stay away from Golf stores for that time too! The more i5 mid and short irons have narrow soles and less offset for enhanced accuracy and scoring. Joined Feb 11, Messages 13, Location Modsville. Using Ping’s excellent custom fitting service will get you the right lie and shaft to fine tune the flight further.

Vw Tour Winner Jan 27, Looked lovely behind the ball. Tungsten weighting in the low toe increases forgiveness. They look superb at address and perform consistently from any lie.

As you can see below, the off-set even ii20 the 4-iron isn’t big, but enough to help, and it gets less and less as you progress to the scoring irons. Ping claim that the short irons have a ‘flatter trajectory’ thanks to the wider stablising bars on the back of the head and certainly the flight was just right for a wedge and the distance and accuracy was very consistent.

2i0 thread has made my excitement level for the i25 go down big time lol. Write a Review Rate This Product: Very similar irons, but I prefer the i25’s.


Ping I25’s

Ping i25 Irons Players irons that have amazing forgiveness Ping has been making the i-series irons for many years. With gap wedges and even sand wedges being used for a lot of full shots, it makes sense to have them all in the same design for consistency. My buddy plays i20s so I get to do this comparison on a weekly basis since I play i25s.

TheHeez April 1, – 9: I have played Ping irons for a number of seasons and what continues to impress me with their newer irons is how they keep improving the feel.

Ping I25’s | Golf Monthly

The 6-iron through 8-iron were great from any lie. To answer your question: I did notice that the Ping i25 irons were about yards longer than what I consider my standard distances. Uther Supply Golf Towels. All the little tweaks that Ping made to these irons make them u20 really good combo for the lower handicap golfer who doesn’t have extra time to practice or the mid-handicap golfer who likes the compact shape, but can still use forgiveness.

March 20, by Matt Murley. I like the talk about the tech and how it helps make those longer irons more playable.