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Admin June 13, at 4: It’s strange that is bounces on passive. Anonymous August 26, at By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It tells you that everything is in order to work, and the actual speed of the network. User reviews about KisMAC. Your solution is here http:

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However, now I’m having some more problems: Admin May 7, at 5: Where is the error?

kismac on mac book – Apple Community

The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler. Try to open multiple youtube video to maximize the traffic on the network. There is no crashing I am able to scan except it is extremely slow almost to slow that the program is impossible to use and the thinking wheel is constantly spinning.


Admin July 12, at RAA December 30, at 9: RAA December 31, at 7: Contact macnook here for details: Me December 1, at 5: Dear, Your macblok has been answered multiple times. Kindly do help me on that.

My MPB fully supports packet injection in backtrack. I don’t have an injection device, only Airport Extreme. When in dense WIFI area, the same can happen when too many are on the same channel.

J September 23, at 2: Fix Crash when network had no GPS location. Download and installation help. Michel November 25, at 9: Sign up using Facebook.

The only difference is the software, that you can not use! If I quote this tutorial: Anonymous March 8, at 1: It’s the best help you can get.

Your answer is here: Anonymous March 8, at 2: Admin, One last quick question, what is your preferred loadout, which version of Kismac do you utilize or is it a combo of aircrack and kismac? Post as a guest Name. I managed to uninstall the drivers.


Anonymous December 22, at 8: If that is the case does that mean that this is another kusmac of collecting unique IVs? I try to find the proper place to post my response but I could not find it, therefore I need some help on how to work my adapter with KisMac.

No ID10T error so far, but, try put yourself in my shoes: At least you can return the USB at no fees if not working.